A boutique design studio with a focus on branding, art direction, styling, and digital design.




Folisi Design Studio is a boutique design studio of one, focusing on branding, art direction, styling, and digital design. 

Passionate about authentic and meaningful work, I want to create stories that connect with your audience in a unique and genuine way. Because of that, I love working with clients throughout the entire creative process, from naming and branding, to web design and styling. 



Hello! My name is Paige Thompson and I'm the creative director and designer behind Folisi Design Studio. A graduate of Baylor University and Chicago Portfolio School, I'm a native Missourian now calling Tennessee home. I spent a couple of years at a digital agency in Chicago before moving to Nashville with my husband and big, fluffy pup, Gunner in 2013. I’m currently working at GS&F as an Associate Creative Director though my proudest titles are wife and mama (to two little monsters, I mean, daughters).

If you're wondering what the name is all about, Folisi refers to my wood-working grandfather's Sicilian name. Thompson is all too common, so Folisi it is.  

Paige is an all-world design talent. Calm, cool and collected, she is focused and thorough in everything she does. Her star is still on the rise. Undoubtedly she will soon be leading and growing agencies with style and grace.
— David R, SVP/ECD of the In-House agency at Wells Fargo

Simply put, Paige is a doer and thinker rolled into a passionate individual, fearless to take initiative and nimble to solve any digital design or experience problem. Or just about any problem.
— Harish Jaysankar, Program Director at ICF Next

To say that Paige exceeds expectations on all fronts would be a vast understatement. She inspires others around her as her pure design talent and work ethic raise the bar for the entire team. I have never seen someone constantly perform multiple levels above where they are on such a consistent basis.
— Dan Peters, Creative Director at AKQA

Paige has a great eye for detail, is a conceptual thinker and designer, and has a willingness to try many approaches when solving a design challenge.
— Courtney Kuebler, ACD at Arc Worldwide