A boutique design studio with a focus on branding, art direction, styling, and digital design.


A full-service design studio


Your visual brand should be a reflection of you and your business. That’s where I come in.

I tackle your design problem on time and on budget with clear and quick communication. And a great attitude to boot! With over eight years of work in professional design and advertising, I have the experience to tackle any of your visual needs. I’m passionate about authentic, meaningful work and want to help you connect with your audience in a genuine and personal way. I help make your brand consistent no matter where someone encounters it. My services range from branding and design to digital experiences and interior styling. If you think I might be a good fit for your project, shoot me a note.

Hi there, I’m Paige

I'm the creative director and designer leading Folisi Design Studio. After a couple of years at a digital agency in Chicago, I moved to Nashville with my husband in 2013. I spent the next portion of my career working at GS&F as an Associate Creative Director before venturing out on my own and creating this little studio. Through it all, my proudest titles are still wife, mama, and daughter.

If you're wondering what the name is all about, Folisi refers to my wood-working grandfather's Sicilian name, later changed to Foley. My last name, Thompson, is all too common, so I’m sticking with my Sicilian roots.  

What make me different

My experience in the advertising world gave me the grit and stamina to take on any design challenge. I’ve spent years helping develop brands, creating brand experiences, and collaborating across multiple disciplines.

Kind Words

To say that Paige exceeds expectations on all fronts would be a vast understatement. She inspires others around her as her pure design talent and work ethic raise the bar for the entire team. I have never seen someone constantly perform multiple levels above where they are on such a consistent basis.
— Dan Peters, Creative Director at AKQA
Paige has a great eye for detail, is a conceptual thinker and designer, and has a willingness to try many approaches when solving a design challenge.
— Courtney Kuebler, ACD at Arc Worldwide
Simply put, Paige is a doer and thinker rolled into a passionate individual, fearless to take initiative and nimble to solve any digital design or experience problem. Or just about any problem.
— Harish Jaysankar, Director of Program Management at RAPP